Mediterranean Migrant Crisis: Lessons and New Challenges

[…] As the Italian Coast Guard broadcasted shocking scenes of desperate migrants during Operation Mare Nostrum (2013-14), policymakers debated on how an unprecedented migrant crisis in the Mediterranean could be managed. The crisis became international news and, as the conflicts in Syria and Libya escalated in 2015, the influx of people into Europe by sea increased drastically as well. People who cross the Mediterranean seeking a better life in Europe first arrive in Greece and Italy. […] Will Italy absorb the influx of the Eastern route? What are the lessons and new challenges of the current situation? What should be the approaches and agendas within the EU’s migration policy? Should the bloc invest more in security than in humanitarianism? These questions and their possible answers will permeate the course of the next lines. […]

Stenio A. Lopes Andrade

Journalist, M.A. in Human Rights and Conflict Management from Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

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  • Introduction (p.3)
  • From Mare Nostrum to the EU-Turkey deal (p.4)
  • Complex crisis management and political arrangements (p.18)
  • Conclusion (p.32)
  • References (p.35)
  • About the Author (p.43)