New Energy Corridors in the Mediterranean Sea

[…] In late 2009 the energy think-tank OME (Observatoire Méditernannéen de l’ Energie) prepared a study on the future of EU gas import security that highlighted the then current as well as the projected flows of gas exports to the EU for 2020 and 2030. […] One of the principal conclusions of the study was that although the EU’s net import dependency was set to increase over the long-term due to the projected drop in domestic gas supply, the Union would be able to cope with future risks if it increased its internal interconnectivity and completed the integration of its gas markets. This conclusion is still valid today. In the ten years since the last serious EU energy supply interruption, the 2009 Russian-Ukrainian gas crisis, both internal interconnectivity and market integration have improved in the Union. […]

Theodoros Tsakiris
University of Nicosia

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  • The Strategic Significance of the Mediterranean Sea for the EU’s Natural Gas Security Policy (p.5)
  • Strategic role and versatility of the OLT Terminal in the Mediterranean energy chessboard (p.15)
  • New Energy Corridors in the Mediterranean: A look at the GALSI Pipeline (p.25)
    Political dimensions of Energy Security (p.30)
    Economic Dimensions of Energy Security (p.37)
    Environmental Dimensions of Energy Security (p.44)
    Conclusion (p.47)
  • The Eastern Mediterranean Gas Hub: a pipe dream? (p.49)
    The Eastern Mediterranean gas hub (p.51)
    Geopolitical implications (p.54)
    Economic implications (p.59)
    Environmental implications (p.62)
    Conclusion (p.64)
  • The role of TAP in Mediterranean Sea (p.66)
  • The EastMed pipeline and the little Great Game in Middle East (p.70)
  • Conclusions (p.75)
  • References (p.79)
  • About the Authors (p.88)