The Balkan Safe Haven of Daesh

In 2015, Kosovar authorities found 232 individuals engaged with jihadist activities connected with the Daesh threat. Many of them were fighters during the former Yugoslavia war. In Macedonia, the Premier Gjorge Ivanov’s Office noted that in the same year 69 foreign terrorist fighters already came back from the Syrian powder keg, almost 110 are still serving military services for the Daesh and 25 have been killed in the battlefield. This data allows us to grasp that the Balkans have become a Daesh branch, a safe haven directly threatening the European countries. Reconstructing this threat is the main purpose of this article.

Federico Solfrini

Master’s degree in Economics and Institutions in Islamic Countries (LUISS Guido Carli)

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  • Introduction (p. 4)
  • The deeply rooted Bosnian jihadist network (p. 5)
  • Understanding the Daesh’s Safe Haven in the Balkans (p. 10)
  • Bosnian Recruitment system (p. 11)
  • Italian-Balkan connections (p. 15)
  • Talking with a Kosovar jihadist (p. 20)
  • References (p. 26)
  • About the Author (p. 29)