Egypt at the crossroad

[…] Over the past two months, the major newspapers of the world have devoted particular attention to one of the cornerstones on which General al-Sisi’s regime in Egypt is founded: the repression of civil society. Following Giulio Regeni’s death, denunciations have been raised against the regime’s crackdown on human rights activists, journalists, and civil society members who are considered a threat to the stability of the country’s political order. […] In the present analysis, the complex relations between regime’s repression and opposition’s violence will be investigated, trying to shed light on both Muslim Brotherhood’s organizational and ideological transformations, and on the role played by institutionalized regime repression in the name of security at domestic level and its consequences in shaping Islamist flexible ideology. […]

Valentina Cantori

Master’s Degree in Culture and Languages for Communication and International Cooperation (University of Milan)

Anita Nappo

Master’s Degree in International Relations (University of Naples “L’Orientale”)

Read and download the Report No. 5 (2016) clicking here


  • Abstract (p. 4)
  • Between Repression and Violence: The Transformation of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and the Future of Egypt (p. 8)
    • Introduction (p. 8)
    • From Palace to Prison: Old Stories and New Twists (p. 10)
    • The Dynamics of Repression and Violence (p. 21)
    • Conclusions (p. 31)
  • Is Egypt still a necessary evil? Egyptian regional stance and its external projection (p. 35)
    • Introduction (p. 36)
    • Gulf buddies and political advisors (p. 39)
    • Money talks, EU conditionally walks (p. 47)
    • Saudi shuffle and French connection: final remarks (p. 57)
  • References – Part 1 (p. 60)
  • References – Part 2 (p. 63)
  • About the Authors (p. 65)

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