June 9th – 14th


Monday, June 9 2014



During a public speech, the newly – elected President of Egypt, general Al-Sisi, has promised to defeat terrorism and to restore peace and security. He affirmed: “Defeating terrorism and achieving security is the top priority,”, adding there would be “no leniency and truce with those who resort to violence”. Anyway, despite Sisi’s speech hints to a possible transition, the Muslim Brotherhood representatives still refuse to recognize him as a legitimated Chief of the State. (Al Jazeera) 


Yesterday the Pope has met in the Vatican with the Israeli President Shimon Peres and the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for praying for peace in the Middle East. In fact, the meeting was not meant to discuss political issues but to develop common ground commitment for triggering peace talks between Israel and Palestine. (CNN  and Al Jazeera



The recently confirmed President Bashar Al- Assad has just proclaimed the fifth amnesty of its regime since the breakout of the civil war. The amnesty has been issued with Decree number 22 after the Presidential elections of last 3 June. (BBC) 

Tuesday, June 10 2014



No agreement has been reached over the gas price issue reimbursement between Ukraine and Russia. However, negotiations on the point will continue in Brussels until tomorrow. Discussions are being conducted by the EU  Commissioner on Energy Oettinger, the Russian Ministry of Energy Aleksandr Novak and his Ukrainian counterpart Yuriy Prodan. The CEOs of Gazprom and Naftogaz have also joined the meeting. (La Repubblica



Gikas Hardouvelis, an economist from a major Athenian private bank, has been appointed Ministry of Finance. The new candidate is expected to help restructuring the country’s huge public debt, although it is likely that a possible third international bailout by the EU and International Monetary Fund would be necessary. (FT) 



Yesterday, the Iranian President Rouhani begun a trip in order to recover diplomatic relations with Turkey has those have been undermined by regional leadership competition and by the countries’ different position on Syria. The two Presidents are expected to meet in Ankara where they will discuss security and trade issues. (Daily Times)


Wednesday, June 11 2014




The negotiations between the two counterparts on the gas prices issue and on the payment of Ukraine’s debt, have ended with no result. If unsolved, the situation is likely to cause gas furniture interruptions to Europe. (Al Jazeera)



The Spanish Parliament’s vote has backed King Juan Carlos’ abdication. In particular, the positive vote came from the ruling conservative party and the social opposition while the far-leftists have proposed the referendum, mirroring the anti-monarchic protests which have been spreading throughout the whole Spain after the King’s abdication announcement. (BBC)



Media employees protested in sign of solidarity with those who worked for ERT state broadcaster, the Greek State television, which was shut down last year by the Government. That decision left hundreds of people unemployed. (Ansa Med)


Thursday, June 12 2014



Kurdish troops claim they have gained control over the city of Kirkuk. The event follows the Jihadists’ conquest of Mosul, Iraqi second city for population density and placed very closed to the Syrian border. (NY Times)



Mr, Alaa Abdul Fattah, a pro democracy activist, has been condemned to 15 years in jail for illegal protest and attacking a police officer. He was arrested in November as following a protest against a law forbidding unauthorized demonstrations. He was condemned in absentia since he was not allowed access to the court. (BBC)



Today, European main cities like Milan, Paris, London and Madrid have been hit by taxi drivers’ strikes against the new mobile phone called Uber. This app, which offers a cheap alternative to taxis, is said to represent a threatening and unfair competition to traditional private and public transport.(BBC)


Friday, June 13 2014



Obama said the US government will do everything in its own capabilities, included military action, in order to defend the Iraqi government against the jihadists who are allegedly moving towards Baghdad in a fight against the Shias, who are considered ‘infidels’.  However, Obama clarified he has no intention of sending ground troops.(BBC)



The Turkish Government and, specifically, Mr. Erdogan purges 2500  people (judicial and administrative officers) working in the judicial branch thanks to a two-days old Decree issued by the Hsyk, Turkey’s higher judiciary council. (Ansa Med) 



Two islamists militants have been killed on Thursday night during clashes between the Tunisian police and the ardline Islamist group Ansar al Shariaalong the Algerian border. The Tunisian forces had already launched a major assault on the Chaambi mountains where Islamists took refuge. (Today’s Zaman) 



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