ENI CBC MED 2014-2020: Towards the Mediterranean Development

Cross Border Cooperation (CBC) is a strategic element of the European Union policy. It consists on the building of economic and political relations among two or more European Union Countries and its neighborhood by promoting mutual activities in order to enhance development and to reduce living standard differences. Since 2004, the European Union launched CBC programmes in order to create a business network among Europe and Foreign Countries and guaranteeing development in the interested areas.  The ENI CBC MED 2014–2020 will foster the Small and Medium enterprises activities focusing in particular on tourism increasing, on education increasing, on research and technological innovation development. It will also promote the social inclusion trying to eliminate the social gaps in the Mediterranean societies and it will enhance the environment protection by reducing the waste and by increasing the recycling practices.

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The ENI MED Programme. An Introduction
Strategy, overarching and thematic objectives of the ENI MED
Budget, Beneficiaries and Cooperation Area
Previous results obtained with the ENPI CBC 2007-2013
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