The Migration-Development Nexus. Analysis on the remittances of migrants in Europe

The main purpose of this paper [is] to underline the importance that remittances can have on the country of origin and on destination countries in particular. Remittances can mean a significant increase in income and improvements in the living conditions, education, health and welfare among migrants abroad. When some measures are applied, remittances can also be the source of investments and thus a stable source of foreign currency. This is not to say that remittances can put an end to any form of poverty. They are just a small percentage of income at the moment for the country of origin, but if promoted and improved and if accompanied by other measures, remittances can be useful means for the economic, social and political development.

Giuliana Scalia

Master’s Degree in Global Politics and Euro-Mediterranean Relations (University of Catania)

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  • Introduction (p. 4)
  • What do we mean by migrants’ remittances? (p. 6)
  • Economic Remittances (p. 9)
  • Collective Remittances (p. 12)
  • Social Remittances (p. 17)
  • Why should the EU spend money and efforts towards economic migrants? (p. 24)
  • Conclusions and Recommendations (p. 31)
  • References (p. 41)
  • About the Author (p. 44)