The Evil Inside. Analysis on the jihadist threat in Europe

This report aims at contributing to the debate on radicalization affecting Muslim communities across Europe and on the risk represented by the so-called foreign fighters. Additionally, it sheds lights on the current level of effectiveness of counterterrorism policies as developed within the European Union after the more recent attacks.


Daniela Irrera
Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations at University of Catania

Read and download the 2015 Special Issue clicking here


  • Antonio De Bonis, Introduction (p. 5)
  • Stefano Lupo and Alessandro Pastore, The origins of radicalization. The fascination of the jihad and the Caliphate for young European Muslims (p. 8)
  • Federico Solfrini, Does the radical milieu catalyze radicalization? Evidences from the Paris attacks (p. 20)
  • Alessandra Vernile, The adopted measures after Paris attacks (p. 32)
  • Giacomo Morabito, Daesh terror warning. What are the real risks of Italy’s homeland security? (p. 40)
  • Daniela Irrera, Conclusions (p. 47)
  • References (p. 51)
  • About the Authors (p. 57)

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