“Don’t be soft”. The New Turkey’s Attitude in Handling Domestic and Foreign Policies

[…] In the last quarter of 2015 there are still some major political problems ahead of Turkey. How did Turkey’s international ambitions fall apart? It’s a question with multiple answers. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s grandiose ideas of his role in the world, his desire to transform Turkey into an all-powerful presidential system, and the collapse of the Kurdish peace process, itself a consequence of the Syrian civil war, have all contributed to damaging Ankara’s once-promising foreign policy. […]

Federico De Renzi

Master’s degree in Turkish Language and Literature (Sapienza University of Rome)

Francesco Ventura

Master’s degree in International Relations and European Studies (University of Florence)

Read and download the Report No. 4 (2016) clicking here


  • Introduction – A lot of problem with all neighbors (p. 4)
  • Turkey’s Domestic Policy (p. 10)
    • Failure in regional policy and its consequences (p. 10)
    • Home Extreme Makeover (p. 10)
    • A Peace to end all Peace(p. 16)
  • “War at home, war in the world” . Turkey-Kurdish relations in the Mesopotamian cauldron (p. 24)
    • The PYD/YPG and the peace process stand-off in Turkey (p. 27)
    • Fog of war in Rojava (p. 29)
    • Russian shadows (p. 33)
    • The bastion of NATO… once more? (p. 38)
  • References (p. 39)
  • About the Authors (p. 43)


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