Turkey facing Its future: Analysis and Perspectives of Constitutional Referendum

TURKEY – It is a widespread opinion that even if Erdoğan should have success in imposing the presidential model he desires, it is not clear he will be able to maintain over the medium term. In this moment, the Turkish government is in great difficulty in the region with all its neighbours […]. The Kurds are gaining territory in Syria and relations with the European Union and the United States are not among the best. […] Inside his party, Erdoğan still has a certain following, but if he should continue to concentrate power in his own hands, the possibility of dissent with other members is not to be excluded. […] The analyses are agreed by now on the fact that a lot of dissent exists. Nevertheless, determining if the phenomenon can be relegated to a simple tendency to protest, […] or the beginning of a real decline in power, is not yet possible to establish.

Maurizio Scaini

University of Trieste

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  • Paperback: Turkey Facing Its Future: Analysis and Perspectives of Constitutional Referendum
  • Publisher: Mediterranean Affairs – CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1545382867
  • ISBN-13: 978-1545382868


Introduction (p.4)
Does the Winner Take All? Preliminary Thoughts on the Legal Content of the Turkish Constitutional Referendum on Presidentialism (p.11)
The content of the reform (p.13)
Concluding remarks: is it an undemocratic reform? (p.19)
Political and Social Debate on Constitutional Referendum(p.31)
Erdoğan’s first successful attempt to build up a State inspired from “religious values”: the AK Party (p.36)
The contribution of civil society and NGOs’ action to the political debate (p.41)
A double-edge sword: the social media and their role in the referendum campaign (p.45)
Changing the Constitution – Changing Turkey’s Identity? (p.52)
The parliamentary debate (p.54)
The evolution of Turkey’s political identity (p.59)
The rise of the AKP (p.63)
Conclusion (p.68)
Never mind Mustafa Kemal: here’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (p.70)
It’s a long way to the top (if you want a presidential rule) (p.72)
And out come the Grey Wolves (p.77)
The dissent of woman (p.80)
Another state of emergency (p.84)
The International Implication of Constitutional Referendum (p.92)
Comprehend Domestic Political Processes to Understanding Foreign Policy (p.94)
A “Brand New Turkey” (p.101)
The Regional Security Issue, the Constitutional Referendum and Kurdish Question (p.104)
Perspectives and prevision of regional and international changes (p.107)
Conclusion (p.110)
Conclusions (p.113)
References (p.117)
About the Authors (p.127)

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