The Legacy of Arab Springs

“Spring”. The term has been used to identify the recent turmoils happened in the Arab world, but it is quite reductive. Indeed, it is wrong. It is now more than four years since the outbreak of the riots and many experts are debating whether it is an ‘infinite’ spring or, indeed, an ‘icy winter’ for some countries. What is certain is the fact that we cannot talk about a single ‘season’. It will take a long time before than the Arab countries, especially those in the Mediterranean region, succeed in achieving the hoped-for stability. Moreover, the revolutionary processes require a very long time, and every revolutionary onset is undermined by a counter-revolution tending to become permanent. This Dossier presents a comprehensive approach to understand the complex Spirit of “Arab Springs”, what happened, what is happening and what are the future implications for Mediterranean Basin.

Read and Download the full Dossier, The legacy of Arab Spring, Mediterranean Affairs Ed., April 2015, pp. 50.




External actors’ inconsistent responses to the domestic-driven Arab transition

The strategic importance of the Mediterranean region for the European Union

Security and Terrorisms: before and after the Arab Spring

The Muslim Brotherhood and Salafism, schools of Islamic fundamentalism

The role of civil society: what animated them; what animate them now, and how they perceive the change




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