Turkey after last general elections: domestic and external factors influencing the future of the country

The contribution hereby presented was initially aimed at reporting on the results of Turkish general elections and the perspectives ahead. Nonetheless, the issue of Turkey’s domestic and international politics has evidently caught the interest of many contributors and followers of Mediterranean Affairs. Thus, we decided to create something quite similar to a mini-dossier. We did not use an academic approach. Instead, we preferred to adopt a more flexible and variegated approach to attract the attention of those who are really interested in improving his knowledge of Turkish affairs.

Following to the last elections, the Kurdish issue has gained unprecedented centrality and the IS has approached Erdogan’s border. Thus, in this context it is very important to understand properly Turkey’s domestic politics and forecast the future of the relations between the AKP and the HDP. The Turkish diaspora adds to and is closely linked to the Kurdish issue.

Read and Download full Report at Turkey after last general elections. Domestic and external factors influencing the future of the Country.


Interview with Daniele Santoro
Turkish diaspora and out of country voting

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