Loosing peace in Middle East. The new wave of Israeli- Palestinian violence

Israel and Palestine are back on the political scene in the Middle East. Palestinians’ protests have been trigged by an action of the security forces on the Temple Mount, sacred to both Jews and Muslims. In order to reduce the risk of accidents the Israeli government decided to restrict access to the Haram al-Sharif to Muslims, which has caused the controversy raised by Palestinian leadership, in control of the area. This restrictive measure could be the origin of a Third Intifada, together with the increasing number of deaths and injuries, the bad economy of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and the impasse on peace talks between Israel and Palestine. However, Israel can hardly afford a Third Intifada, because it could be dangerous at political and economic level as well as it could incite Israel’s enemies. Moreover, we cannot underestimate the role of the third main actor of the Middle East scenario: the Islamic State.

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Intifada 2.0
– Comparison with the First and Second Intifada
– The Inner Palestinian competition to power
– The most dramatic scenario
Jerusalem, the disputed Middle Earth
– Historical background
– The land at the center of the dispute
– Conclusions
– Main references
The Third Intifada: a socio-political perspective

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